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The Most Beautiful Voice - Bio Brazil Fair - Tractor Drivers

The Most Beautiful Voice


Finally, the long awaited competition for “The Most Beautiful Voice” took place at Fazenda Tamanduá. The serenader Zé Carlos opened the event, with romantic music.


The singers that were well prepared and talented!

There were plenty of soft drinks, beer and barbecued meat, under the responsibility of Jorge Boêmio; but what everyone anxiously waited for was the beginning of the contest itself, which finally started, conducted by the master of ceremonies, Alan.

There were 10 candidates: Abraão, Pedro Alcione, Nego Tim, Roberto, Neto, Ricardo, Alison, and only three ladies, Guia and the duo Rafaela and Luana.

The songs chosen were xotes, marches and baião, accompanied by the Tamanduá Trio. Luana and Rafaela sang a song specially composed for the event. The big surprise was that, rather than the expected beginners, the singers that came forward were well prepared and talented!


Thanks to the patience of Hamilton and Rubens of the Tamanduá Trio, each of them had had the opportunity to train and rehearse beforehand, thus being well prepared and ready to face the stage and the public. 

The audience, full of enthusiasm and good spirits, cheered and shouted, supporting friends and colleagues with their applause, and trying to impress the jury - who very soon showed themselves unable to judge. The final award was defined by the strength of the applause, in an atmosphere of general good cheer!

Guia and Neto were the great winners of the night, with the songs “Eu já vi tudo” (“I’ve seen it all”) by Flávio José, and “Cercado de mulheres” (“Surrounded by women”) by the group Aviões do Forró.

There was no lack of cups, they all took one home, a good souvenir of this memorable event.

The audience cheering with their applause


Pierre Landolt giving a cup to one
of the beautiful voices of the night

The forró (dance) then dominated the night, but stopped at midnight, as there was work to be done the next day, leaving the participants and the public with a feeling of “I’d like some more”!

For sure, due to the success of this first edition, the contest next year will have more participants!

We took this opportunity to officially inaugurate the recently-built block – comprising three different levels, with a kitchen, showers and toilets – which serves as a support structure for all the workers in the mango plantation area, and can also be used for training (as was the case for the fire prevention course) and to provide a space for visitors or for field days.


Fazenda Tamanduá at Bio Brazil Fair


On May 7 to 10, Fazenda Tamanduá took part in the most recent organic and natural products fair in Brazil, the Bio Brazil Fair and Natural Tech. The Fair, installed in the Bienal Pavillion, in Ibirapuera Park, right in the center of São Paulo, was very sucessful for its first edition, and was visited by more than 15,000 people. It was divided into two distinct areas, one for organics (meaning certified products) and another for natural products.


Lourdes and Jean-Pierre talking to consumers interested
on Fazenda Tamanduá products

As it was open to the public, who visit the Park on these sunny days, it was an opportunity to establish a direct dialog between producers and consumers, clearing up doubts, answering questions about the products, and giving information about points of sale. All the exhibitors, who were mostly Brazilian and came from all the States in the country, certainly opened new doors to the national market, which was strengthened by this event.

Thanks to Lourdes’ and Jean-Pierre’s efforts, the tasting session for FT’s dehydrated mangos and cheeses was a great success, causing a traffic jam in front of our booth!

The fact that one could sell products on the spot enabled us to dilute our expenses related to participation costs. We also met our clients from the State of São Paulo .

Fazenda Tamanduá took advantage of this event to present, and to seek distributors for, its latest product, spirulina (, which has 1001 uses and beneficial effects for human health.

We also made contact with potential buyers of organic oil extracted from the kernels of mango stones, which is used for cosmetics, as well as organic pectin extracted from the mango skins, for the sweets and jams industry. We have, in fact, succeeded in finding ways to extract these products with efficient, low-cost methods, which can be applied to small quantities of raw material. We shall discuss this subject at greater length in the future.

The spirulina presented to the director
of a fitoterapy laboratory


Thanks to our friend Fábio Levi, who is responsible for the organic products area at Carrefour, we learnt of their decision to include a complete range of organic products in their supermarkets in the cities of Recife, João Pessoa and Fortaleza! We were very encouraged by the news, and shall do everything necessary for our products to be more widely offered to our fellow countrymen. Just wait and see!

 The Tractor Drivers' Turn


Another step in capacity building and training at Fazenda Tamanduá, this time for tractor drivers.Twelve of the farm’s workers, both permanent and occasional tractor drivers, in the presence of Roberto, the mechanic, had the opportunity to take a course given by Professor Alcides Almeida Ferreira.

Professor Alcides Almeida Ferreira

A Professor at the State of Paraíba University Campus IV at Catolé do Rocha, he has been giving classes for the National Agricultural Training Service (SENAR). With the help of films, slides shown by an overhead projector and a lot of literature, the class started 3 long days of training with very tough and comprehensive theory.

The operation and maintenance of the farm machinery and implements was thoroughly dealt with.  

On the fourth and last day, each one showed what he had learnt, handling the plow, disc harrow, planting machine, sprayer, forage cutter and other implements used to prepare the soil for sowing, and to accompany the growth of the crop to maturity.


Likewise, they each showed they had learnt all the secrets of daily, weekly and monthly preventive maintenance of the tractors and implements used on the farm.

Alcides’ work was initially expected to take three days, but he stayed on for another day, as “I noticed the participants’ interest, effort and willingness to learn. That is very gratifying!”, he said. 

As for the students, “Wow, what a great course!” was how they expressed their opinion! 

The students of the course and Prof. Alcides Almeida Ferreira


No doubt this comprehensive, high-standard course will allow us to take greater care of our machines, ensuring they will last long, their operators will work more safely, and the land will be worked more efficiently.  

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