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Fazenda Tamanduá (“Anteater” Farm) is located in the district of Santa Terezinha, near the town of Patos, Paraiba State in northeastern Brazil. Sited in the backwoods of Espinharas, the farm is 7° south of the Equator, 400 km away from the coast, in the easternmost point of the South American continent, at an average elevation of 240 meters (787 feet). Its climate is typical from semi-arid tropical regions, with an average annual rainfall of 800 mm, concentrated in a short period of 2 to 4 months, followed by a long period of drought, which can last from 8 to 12 months. Dry cycles periodically ravage the region, causing poverty, rural flight and violence. The global climate change has caused a rainfall decrease in the last years. Caatinga is the predominant vegetation in the 800,000 km area of Brazilian Northeast. The word "caatinga" comes from the Tupi language, formed by two words: "caa" (bush, vegetation) and "tinga" (white). It is an arboreous, shrubby, xerophilous, woody and deciduous vegetation, commonly thorny. The presence of an inselberg called "Serrote Tamanduá", an imposing rock formation typical of the backwoods of Brazilian northeast, originated the Farm's name. The Anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla) is a medium-sized mammal that used to be common in the region. Currently, it is an endangered species under threat of extinction due to poaching. Since 1977, Fazenda Tamanduá belongs to Mocó Agropecuária Ltd. The word "Mocó", which originated the name of the company, came from a sort of arboreal long fiber cotton that used to be grown there from 1977 to 1984.
"An organic production pioneer, but with limited water resources, Fazenda Tamanduá depends on the seasons and irregular rainfalls that constantly ravage the Northeast. Therefore, it is rather difficult for us to have all of our products available. "

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Produção de Queijos

Saiba como são produzidos os Queijos da Fazenda Tamanduá.

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Pesquisas Fazenda Tamanduá

A Fazenda Tamanduá no município de Santa Terezinha-PB, também é fonte de pesquisas nas mais diversas áreas, apoiadas pelo Instituto Fazenda Tamanduá e em parceria com diversas Universidades do país e do mundo.

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Livros Fazenda Tamanduá

As Aves da Fazenda Tamanduá Fauna Ilustrada da Fazenda Tamanduá A caatinga, característica do semiárido do Nordeste do Brasil, é um bioma pouco estudado, e muitas vezes associado ao deserto. Não é bem assim! Ao contrário das luxuriantes e sempre verdes Mata Atlântica e Floresta Amazônica, com biodiversidades imensas, é preciso curiosidade e atenção para […]

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